IMG_2825At Northeast College Prep, all students are able to learn and grow because there is a calm, consistent and positive culture permeating everything that we do.  All staff are trained and implement a non-verbal management system that preserves relationships and creates more time for learning and playing and less time for managing behavior.  Because the adults in the building are models to the children about how to interact in a diverse world, our staff are committed to positively developing and supporting one another.

Social-Emotional Development

Learning is more than just academic skills.  We believe that students will be more successful if the school culture is calm and positive; teachers explicitly teach social skills; a classroom and school community is built ensuring that every student belongs; and the school is intentional about teaching everyone to work with a variety of people.  We believe that the social curriculum is as important as the academic curriculum.  This means that we teach our students how to be great people in addition to gaining necessary academic skills.  At Northeast College Prep, teachers intentionally develop strong communities in their classes by explicitly modeling, teaching, and problem solving how to work with one another.  The entire school uses non-verbal strategies (ENVoY) to preserve relationships and manage behavior.  We use the Responsive Classroom philosophy and are committed to training all teachers in this approach to teach intrinsic motivation and ensure all students feel safe, belong and have fun while learning.  Additionally, teachers intentionally teach social skills through two or three lessons each week (Second Step curriculum).

Students thrive with a strong teacher-student relationship.  To this end, every student has one teacher for all subjects, outside of specialist classes, all day. Teachers eat breakfast, lunch and snack with their class to increase the amount of non-academic time they have to build relationships that will last for years.  Additionally, teachers will visit each of their student’s houses (or meet with them outside of school) to further build relationships.  Our staff cares about each and every student and this commitment allows each student to thrive.