At the heart of our school culture is a commitment to ensuring every student feels a powerful sense of belonging. We believe students thrive when they feel safe, valued, and part of a caring community.

This intention is brought to life through our NECP C.A.R.E.S. framework, which nurtures the critical social-emotional skills for academic and life success:

NECP Students Cooperating on a Project


From group projects to playground interactions, we foster an environment of collaboration, support, and teamwork. Students learn to work together, valuing each voice and perspective.
NECP Students Smiling at the Lunch Room


Understanding and appreciating diverse viewpoints is key. Students build empathy through discussions, literature, and intentional perspective-taking.
NECP student working in class


We empower students to advocate for themselves and share their brilliant ideas. Respectful self-expression and standing up for one's beliefs are celebrated.
Northeast College Prep

NECP Student Doing Homework Responsibly


Ownership, integrity, and accountability are emphasized as students build habits of following through, admitting mistakes, and taking care of each other and their environment.
NECP students listening to their teacher


We guide students in managing strong emotions, thinking before reacting, and developing self-discipline. These regulation skills allow them to show up as their best selves.

Woven through academics and school life, these C.A.R.E.S. competencies create an inclusive environment where every child feels they belong and their authentic selves are welcomed. This nurturing foundation allows them to flourish socially, emotionally and academically.