1. NECP polo shirt (all students everyday)
  2. Can wear any color/pattern long sleeve shirt.
  3. Can wear navy blue, grey, or black sweatshirt over polo shirt. Please no hoods. 7th – 8th graders can wear a NECP hoodie.
  4. Khaki, navy blue, gray or black bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, NECP jumpers)
  5. Must wear (or bring) tennis shoes on PE days.
  6. Jumpers must be khaki, navy blue or black.
  7. Tights or leggings under skirts or jumpers can be any color or pattern.
  8. If your child wears pants under their skirt or jumper they must be khaki, black, gray or navy blue (no blue jeans).
  9. No blue jeans or gray jeans (including tights).

*MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY, Grades 7 & 8th*

  1. Middle School Students also wear a NECP polo (color choices: light blue, orange or navy blue).
  2. NECP Hoodie: Only an NECP hoodie is allowed during school hours.
  3. All other uniform rules apply.

Students out of uniform will borrow uniform clothes, uniform sweatshirts or tennis shoes from the office.  The school will contact families who have students out of uniform.  This is the 23-24 Uniform Policy.