Kindergarten at Northeast College Prep

In our kindergarten program, we provide a nurturing, joyful start to your child’s educational journey. We blend academic foundations with social-emotional skill-building to ensure a well-rounded first year that instills a lifelong love of learning.

Literacy & Language Foundations
From day one, our literacy-rich classroom sparks students’ curiosity about letters, sounds, and stories. Through interactive read-alouds, engaging games, and hands-on alphabet/phonics activities, we build crucial pre-reading and early literacy skills. Students gain confidence in communicating ideas through writing, drawing, and sharing with the class.

Math Explorations
Young mathematicians explore concepts like counting, numbers, shapes, patterns and problem-solving through manipulatives, songs, movement and collaborative activities. Our math curriculum brings concepts to life as children play, question and represent their thinking in multiple ways.

Science & Social Studies
We nurture children’s innate curiosity about the world through engaging science and social studies units. From observing life cycles to investigating our community, students build critical thinking abilities by asking questions, making predictions and discovering through hands-on experiments.

Creative Expression
Art and imaginative play allow kindergarteners to express themselves freely. We provide ample opportunities for creativity, self-expression and joy as these feed into cognitive, social and emotional development.

Social-Emotional Learning
Through our intentional SEL curriculum, kindergarten lays the foundation for skills like cooperation, self-regulation, empathy and responsibility. Students learn to navigate friendships, manage emotions, develop perseverance and take pride in caring for their community.

Family Partnerships
We partner closely with families through open communication. These connections support a cohesive experience as we guide your child’s holistic growth. Our caring, experienced teachers create a warm, language-rich environment where every kindergarten student feels known, safe, and celebrated on their learning path.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love NECP! A trusted friend referred me to NECP because of the love she had for the school. I then made the switch and it's one of the BEST decisions that I could have made as a parent.

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