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Think Globally, Learn with Confidence, Grow Together

A tuition-free public charter school serving elementary and middle school students

Why Choose Northeast College Prep?

We believe all children, with their unique talents, have the potential for greatness. We build confidence and community within a safe school. We want every student to know they belong.
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Our mission is to ensure strong academic, social-emotional, and talent development in every student. We nurture a college-prep mindset at a young age, teaching students to set and achieve their goals.
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Our small K-8 school encourages strong relationships with families over many years. We respect and celebrate your language and culture. Siblings have priority enrollment. Transportation provided.
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Discover the Difference

Welcome to Northeast College Prep

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NECP is a family! It feels like home here. I chose NECP for my child to start because I've seen teachers go above and beyond for students and families.

Juana Parent of Future Kindergartener

All the teachers are kind. The school is open to everyone and that helps me learn about other students' countries. We do a lot of fun projects. We learn Arabic and Spanish and have art. It's really easy to make friends here.

Aseel 3rd Grade Student

I can't begin to tell you how much I love NECP! A trusted friend referred me to NECP because of the love she had for the school. I then made the switch and it's one of the BEST decisions that I could have made as a parent.

Hanaan Parent of 2nd, 4th, and 6th Graders

I love working at NECP for the amazing work the teachers and staff do. I enrolled my son because I saw the amazing organization and preparation the school was implementing to support our students.

Mayra Parent of a 2nd Grader

The school is helping my daughter grow to be kind, smart, mindful and wordly. The school is nurturing her love of learning. I lost two languages in my own immigration experience and NECP is helping her to gain two, which ares skill that will help her through her entire life.

Manisha Parent of a 5th Grader

The class sizes are small, there is good quality academies, and there is diversity of students. The teachers and staff are always welcoming and friendly.

Mohamed Parent of 1st and 5th Graders


NECP student smiling and working