We use a variety of curriculum programs at NECP to help our students reach their full academic and social-emotional potential.

English/Language Arts Programs:

Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom is a high-quality language arts curriculum crafted to help students build the knowledge and skills they need to be successful readers, exceptional writers, and effective communicators. It is centered around engaging, enjoyable, and challenging texts.

Fishtank ELA

Fishtank ELA builds students’ reading/writing skills and knowledge, develops students’ identity and agency, helps students understand the world around them, and creates independent critical readers. It provides every student regardless of background and reading level, complex, engaging texts written in a variety of genres and by diverse voices, to highlight the diversity and richness of the human experience.

Math Programs:

Bridges Math

Bridges in Mathematics equips teachers to fully address state standards in a rigorous, engaging, and accessible manner. Students gain a deep understanding of concepts, proficiency with key skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. The curriculum is composed of three distinct but integrated components: Problems & Investigations, Work Places and Number Corner.

Desmos Math

With Desmos, students learn by interacting with mathematical representations, illustrations of the world, and their classmates. They’ll represent their developing ideas with sketches, text responses, card sorts, number responses, multiple choice, and more.


Amplify Science

Amplify Science is a science curriculum that blends hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

Social-Emotional Learning Programs:

Fly Five

Fly Five is a social and emotional learning curriculum developed on the core belief that, in order for students to be academically, socially, and behaviorally successful in, out of, and beyond school, they need to learn a set of social and emotional competencies, namely cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control (C.A.R.E.S.).

Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom is the way we “do school” at NECP. It is a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline, and consists of a set of research, and evidence-based practices designed to create safe, joyful, and engaging classrooms and school communities for both students and teachers.


We train our teachers at NECP in the Catalyst Approach. This includes courses, coaching components, leadership development, and systems that our staff all use together to ensure classrooms and common spaces are safe, equitable, and productive learning environments.

Welcoming Schools

Welcoming Schools is a bias-based bullying prevention program that provides an intersectional, anti-racist lens to uplift school communities with critical tools to support LGBTQ+, transgender, and non-binary students.


Our Middle School Students use nXu for their SEL Curriculum. The goals of this curriculum are: cultivating a sense of belonging, strengthening personal and professional identities, fostering empathy and collaboration, building and mobilizing social capital, amplifying resilience, expanding career goals, and engaging in purpose-driven action.