Quick Facts

1. Kindergarten – 8th-grade tuition-free public school open to all students

2. Uniforms

3. Free transportation and school supplies are provided to all students

4. Breakfast and lunch (free for all students regardless of income)

5. Longer school day than the local district: Monday – Friday 7:40am – 2:30pm

6. Three Pillars of our school: rigorous academics, social-emotional growth, and individual talent development

7.  Award-winning school (won local, state and national awards)

8.  Peaceful, orderly, positive school culture

9. Emphasis on learning to work with others in a diverse society

10. Positive school culture focused on teaching intrinsic motivation




  1. NECP polo shirt (all students everyday)
  2. Can wear any color/pattern long sleeve shirt.
  3. Can wear navy blue, grey, or black sweatshirt over polo shirt. Please no hoods. 7th – 8th graders can wear a NECP hoodie.
  4. Khaki, navy blue, gray or black bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, NECP jumpers)
  5. Must wear (or bring) tennis shoes on PE days.
  6. Jumpers must be khaki, navy blue or black.
  7. Tights or leggings under skirts or jumpers can be any color or pattern.
  8. If your child wears pants under their skirt or jumper they must be khaki, black, gray or navy blue (no blue jeans).
  9. No blue jeans or gray jeans (including tights).

*MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY, Grades 7 & 8th*

  1. Middle School Students also wear a NECP polo (color choices: light blue, orange or navy blue).
  2. NECP Hoodie: Only an NECP hoodie is allowed during school hours.
  3. All other uniform rules apply.

Students out of uniform will borrow uniform clothes, uniform sweatshirts or tennis shoes from the office.  The school will contact families who have students out of uniform.  This is the 2022-2023 visual uniform policy.

Student Transportation:

NECP partners with 4Mativ Transportation to provide our students safe and efficient transportation. Please text 763-296-2577 if you have any of the following questions, updates or concerns:
– Address change
– Phone number change
– Daily transportation changes
– Questions about pickup or drop off
– General transportation questions or concerns

Healthy School Food Policy:

All students are provided with breakfast and lunch free of charge regardless of income.  If a student chooses to bring a lunch to school, it should be a complete and balanced lunch that aligns with our Wellness Policy. The school district encourages parents to pack healthy lunches and snacks and refrain from including beverages and foods without nutritional value. The main reason for this policy:

  • children are able to concentrate and learn better when they have foods with nutritional value in the bodies. Additionally, any food that is brought from home can only be consumed by that student and not shared with others because of the risk of food allergies.
  • NECP participates in the federal lunch program which prevents us from providing food without nutritional value.

Northeast College Prep works to accommodate food allergies with meals and snacks that are provided by the school. Students often have access to seconds on a “share table” if they are still hungry and want more food. Additionally, Northeast College Prep partners with Every Meal to provide free meals to students on the weekends.  This program is open to anyone who wants it, regardless of income level.  If you would like to donate to support Northeast College Prep’s food programs, please contact the main office.

Testing & Assessments:

Students at Northeast College Prep take all required state assessments.  Additionally, students take internal assessments with their classroom teacher to track progress and help inform instruction.  Northeast College Prep balances the number and type of assessments to preserve instructional time.  Click here to view the 2023-2024 NECP District Assessment Calendar.



Click here to apply for the 2023-2024 school year!

Click here to apply for the 2023-2024 school year.