School Basics


1. Kindergarten – 8th grade tuition-free public school open to all students (currently Kindergarten-5th grade, growing one grade per year Kindergarten – 6th grade 2017-2018)
2. Uniforms
3. Free transportation
4. Breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks (free for all students regardless of income)
5. Longer school day than the local district: approximately an 8 hour school day. (Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 3:30pm and Friday 7:30am – 1:30pm.)
6. Longer school year than the local district: late August to mid-June
7. International Baccalaureate curriculum
8. Focus on academic, social-emotional, and individual talent development
9. Peaceful, orderly, positive school culture
10. Emphasis on learning to work with others in a diverse society



  1. NECP navy blue polo shirts (all students everyday)
  2. Can wear a solid color long sleeve shirt under (i.e. all orange or all green or all white; no hoods)
  3. Can wear a navy blue sweatshirt over (no writings or logos, no hoods)
  4. Khaki, navy blue, gray or black bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, NECP jumpers)
  5. Must wear (or bring) tennis shoes everyday.  No lights on shoes.
  6. Jumpers must be khaki, navy blue or black.
  7. Any solid color tights or leggings under skirts or jumpers (i.e. all white or all orange or all pink).
  8. If your child wears pants under their skirt or jumper they must be khaki, black or navy blue.
  9. No patterned tights or blue jeans under skirts or jumpers (including “skinny jeans”).
  10. No blue jeans or gray jeans.

NECP sweatshirts, fleeces and jumpers can be purchased at “Embroidery and More” at 808 40th Avenue NE in Columbia Heights next to the public library near 40th & Central.

Students out of uniform will borrow uniform clothes, uniform sweatshirts or tennis shoes from the office.  The school will contact families who have students out of uniform.



Backpacks are for homework folders, tennis shoes and lunches (if students bring a lunch).  Students may have a pencil in their backpack if they choose to start their homework on the bus.  Please do not attach extra items to the backpack or allow your student to bring toys, games, or chapstick to school in their backpack.  These items may be confiscated.  Students may not eat or drink anything on the school bus (if they bring a lunch it needs to stay in their backpack for the entire ride).  Students can bring any color or kind of backpack to school (it must be big enough to fit a folder inside).